25yearsKerry Insight was launched in 1995 and was the first regional website in Ireland. Originally it was hosted on University of Limerick's server, but the hosting was moved to "Ireland on Line" in early 1997. In that same year, the website won the prestigious Irish Business Website Award sponsored by the Sunday Business Post. 1999 saw the next technological leap forward when Kerry Insight gained its own dedicated server, and "" was born. Such was its success that Kerry Insight featured in many of the early books on the Internet. This is how Kerry Insight appeared in 1999

At the turn of the millennia, was updated again and its role as a general directory diminished somewhat. The website became a vehicle for the boom in tourism - promoting accommodation, restaurants and activities.

The slowdown in tourism after 9/11 and the financial crisis in 2007 saw little further development and the website effectively became a feeder portal for the B&B Owners in Kerry.

With the advent of cell phones and other mobile devices, the visitor traffic slowly started to fade from a high of six thousand visitors a day to a trickle. However, the original team that developed the website decided the name "Kerry Insight" was too valuable to lose and started work to make it the 'go to' website and directory for all things Kerry. The website is fast (typically less than half a second load time in Europe and around 2 seconds from Sydney Australia) and it can be used on any type of device from smartphone, tablet laptop or desktop computer.

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